Hide your phone when you’re trying to work!


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Early today when I was surfing through the internet, I stumbled upon an article ◨ written by Tim Herrera from The New York Times that I think is very educational and really informative.

Just like the title says, the article I found discusses how we should hide our phone whenever we’re trying to get something done. The point he’s trying to get across is how locking our phone in a drawer sometimes is the only way to get us all to be as productive as we want ourselves to be.

By the way, henlo there 👋🏽 welcome to my personal blog!

Media source ◳

The article opens with a study that occurred in 2017, about how a mere presence of one’s own smartphones can reduce available cognitive capacity —in short, it’s a brain drain. 😨 The research found that even if your phone is turned off…

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